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About Us!

World Student Advisors (WSA) is reputed to be Africa’s most popular organisation who offer a free impartial advice service to students seeking a UK qualification to enhance their careers and employment prospects. WSA can offer advice on studying abroad or online. This website is dedicated to helping you choose the right online course. For studying abroad options please click this link

Why chose an online course?
There is not one answer to this question, there are many reasons why an online study option is chosen. For example, if you have good job and you do not want to give it up to study abroad. But you need a higher qualification to improve your career prospects then an online course is an ideal solution.
Not everyone wants to leave home to study abroad you may not want to leave your family, friends and familiar culture. There is the cost element. No doubt that online will cost less than studying abroad fulltime. Studying abroad has tuition costs and living expenses plus loss of earnings to be considered.
Online study options are becoming more popular with faster internet connections and technical innovations. The classroom, tutorial and lecture theatre can be brought to you at home or into your work place. Everyone is different and the staff at WSA are good listeners and we aim to provide a personal solution to meet your needs.

How do I choose the right course for me?
The challenge for the student is to able to review a range of courses and make an informed decision on who to study with; assess the financial implications and to know the true value of the qualification.

Will employers recognise my online qualification?
This is one of the most testing questions that we are asked time and time again.  World Student Advisors (WSA) will not tell you what to study or who to study with. WSA will offer you study options and discuss the pros and cons with you. At the end of the day it is you who makes the decision. WSA’s role is advisory not hard selling and to become dictatorial.

World Student Advisors have invited a select range of UK Universities, who offer online courses, to work with them to present real options for the student to select from. We invite you to use our COURSE FINDER to enable you to find a range of courses suitable for you with the aim of making an informed decision to select the best course the meets your needs.

Feedback welcome
WSA always strive to improve their service, any suggestions on how we may improve our websites or modify out COURSE FINDER are always welcome. We listen, we respond, we care about you!

World Student Advisors aim to provide you with accurate course duration and tuition fees information. The duration to complete the course and tuition fees may change at the discretion of the provider. World Student Advisors accept no responsibility for any variations in information provided from those of the provider.