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World Student Advisors, arguably Africa’s most popular source of free impartial advice for African students seeking an international qualification


Online learning offers you a qualification to enhance your career without disrupting your life. Flexible studying to suit your life style.


Benefits of Online Learning with World Student Advisors:

  • Study from home without the need to travel
  • Learn at your own speed while still working or caring for your family
  • Learn what you want with a choice of courses to suit you
  • Support from WSA to ensure you make the right career choice for you!

At World Student Advisors, we have experience in helping students across Africa achieve the right qualifications for career and life success.

​If you have a high school qualification or first degree or a Master's qualification. World Student Advisors will offer you free and impartial advice. You can study for a first degree, Master's degree or PhD online. World Student Advisors experts are here to advice you at no cost to you.


Welcome to the future of online courses

Learn at your own speed

Online courses offer you the opportunity to plan your study time around the rest of your day, instead of the other way around. You may study and work when you are at you are ready and in the right frame of mind, whether that’s early morning or late at night. Course material is always accessible online, so there’s no need to schedule special trips to a library. All of this makes online learning a good option for your life balance work and family commitments.

Full World Student Advisors support as you take your career to the next level

There are many advantages of working and talking to WSA’s friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you chose the right course of study. We have your interests at the centre of our thinking. WSA represent many UK universities. All of them are regulated by the UK Government ‘Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education’ (QAA). Therefore, quality is never an issue. Secondly, we offer you a choice. If you talk to one institution they will try and sell you what that have on offer. The may have limited options and one price structure. WSA in many ways is like a ‘Compare’ website in as much we are not selling to you at all costs. Through discussion we find out would like to study and offer you free impartial advice. We have also been in this business for many years and we know the ‘tricks of the trade’. For example, did you know that a UK MBA is 180 credits at Level 7? Probably not, and no harm in not knowing this as obscure specialist knowledge. Why and I telling you this? Well, you can study 120 credits online at Level 7 with one of our partner’s and travel to London to study with a different partner for MBA dissertation only which is 60 credits at Level 7 and receive an MBA from a renowned UK university. This is one of many options we can offer. The beauty of this example it includes two institutions and of you like this option the winner is you! I also forgot to mention if you send us your qualifications we will take car, of the whole application process for you.
It’s up to you if you choose work with us. I would if I were you, I wish there was such a friendly and free organisation available when I was trying to decide where, what and with whom to study with. It would have saved me a lot of time and help me make an informed decision.
We look forward to supporting you with you study plans.

Courses to suit your budget and lifestyle

Online programmes can be a much more affordable option than traditional universities. There are no associated costs such as international flights, visa costs and accommodation. Often there is no course materials required such as textbooks are available for free online. In addition, many universities offer you module exemptions from your previous studies. You normally pay for one module at a time and on completion buy another. There is no need to find 100% of the tuition to be able to enrol. If you have planned or unforeseen expenses one month, such as a wedding, medical costs or school fees you could apply for short term suspension and buy another module when your finances are sustainable.


Never leave your friends and family behind

The high school is normally very happy living at home and has a close circle of friends and the support of his or her family. But he or she would like a degree from a UK university. So why give all this up and travel to a strange foreign country to study? The online option allows you to stay within your comfortable and familiar environment to study. On completion of your online degree you could always use this to study for Master’s in the UK. It only takes 12 months.
The same principle may apply to a local first-degree holder who has a good job. Imagine that you would love a Master’s degree for personal development and career advancement. In the back of your mind you think if I leave this job to study abroad it may not be here on my return? The solution is simple. Keep your job and network of friends and your family. Study online, no loss of earnings and gain promotion. Or! use this Master’s to find a new job earning much more money and new job status as a senior executive!


Derrick Omega, British/Kenyan ‘I was trying to find an online undergraduate. I went in circles and it was so confusing. All the universities I spoke to sounded so convincing and the tuition fees varied so much! I have a British passport and my family are from Kenyan. Each year, I try and spend time in Nairobi. I was told about WSA's office in Westlands and I heard that they are reputed to be Africa's most preferred source of free and impartial advice for African student seeking a UK or international qualification. I turned up with no appointment and I was greeted with a smile and an offer of a drink! You don't find this every day in Nairobi and not even in London where I live! To cut a long story short, we look at several options, we look at the fors and against and then I chose a degree with one of WSA's partners. And what put the icing in the cake is that they took my KCSE results and handled the whole application process. Brilliant service, when I am in Nairobi I always call into the WSA office in Westlands say hi and I have recommended them to all my friends. Is was such a good find, please use WSA you will not be disappointed.’

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